Receiving tributes from those who already serve me, wish to serve me, or simply wish to show respect and appreciation is one of my favorite things. I enjoy being spoiled and pampered and it is a required act for anyone who serves, or wishes to serve, me. I get dozens of emails a day from those begging for my attention, sending a token of gratitude and devotion is a sure way to get on my good side from the very beginning.

All tributes and gifts may be mailed to

Thorne Incorporated
4225 Oceanside Blvd #H-213
Oceanside, CA 92056

Ways to Tribute:

  • My wishlist is always updated and I enjoy receiving gifts and gift cards- Note: gift cards are GIFTS and not a form of payment
  • Lush- My favorite bath and body store
  • Starbucks gift cards- I’m addicted to the Vanilla Chai Lattes
  • Sephora gift cards

All gift cards can be sent to MinaAddiction (at)

Tributes can be sent though the widget below and are always my preferred method of tribute!